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Made from 100% recycled plastic we hold our pledge to ensure our company is an eco-friendly one. We also re-use packaging, keeping wastage to a minimum.


Being made from High Density Polyethylene, Neat grids can hold up to 220tonnes of weight per m2. Driving over these with a car… or even a Jet plane is no problem.

Made in the UK

based in the West Midlands we are in the heart of the UK and have the best access to all routes in the UK.

Ground reinforcement like no other

Based in the West Midlands, we are proud UK manufacturers of a ground reinforcement grid that is made from 100% recycled plastic. Neat Grids® offers an eco-friendly and SUDs Compliant grid that is a great alternative to concrete, tarmac or resin (also much cheaper!). Our grids are not limited when it comes to use, they can be used on Walkways, Outerhouse bases, Driveways, Car parks, Horse Paddocks and Shedbases (to name a few).

Neat Grids® is SuDs compliant thanks to its open structure which prevents surface water build-up and the effects of sudden and severe rainfall reducing the likelihood of local flooding.

Neat Grids® can be filled with Gravel (ideally 20mm) please use our gravel calculator to see how much you need. They are also great to use as Grass Grids, simply fill with soil and seed.

Our range does not just stop here. We have a lot more to offer including builder’s accessories such as flexi tubs, builders buckets and much more.

Please keep posted and we will ensure our ranges are updated frequently. 

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